Potato Cottage Cheese Croquettes / Aloo Paneer Croquettes


Potato and Cottage cheese is like a perfect match made in heaven. Let’s accept it, who on earth does not like these two ingredients. They always blend and compliment each other so well that they never fail to impress or lure us. These Potato Cottage cheese Croquettes or Aloo paneer Croquettes are simply an enticing and tempting appetizer. They are brown and … Read more

Dates Tart with Caramelized Pecan Nuts


These Dates Tart with Caramelized Pecan Nuts is sinfully delicious and totally indulgent. It’s one of the stunning desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The amalgamation of chocolate and caramel in this tart will surely please your taste buds. This tantalizing treat is a no-bake dessert, healthy, chocolatey, nutty, and a treat in itself. It is surely a crowd-pleaser. The base of … Read more

Vol Au Vents Stuffed With Red Bell Pepper And Gouda Cheese

Vol au vents stuffed with Bell Pepper and Gouda Cheese

These savory and cheesy Vol Au Vents Stuffed with Red Bell Pepper and Gouda Cheese makes a great one-bite French appetizer. It will make for a perfect festive presentation. It’s super easy, delicious and so tempting. I surely have a weakness for bell peppers and bite-size appetizers. They look uber cute and are very versatile. … Read more

White Chocolate Mousse With Espresso Ganache

Who wants to dive into Chocolate+Coffee heaven !! How about satiating your sweet tooth with this delectable and heavenly White Chocolate Mousse With Espresso Ganache. If your answer is yes..and if you think like me- chocolate is the answer-Who cares what the question is ..right !! White chocolate mousse with espresso ganache is an absolute … Read more

Evening Chantilly-Sensuous Dessert

This  French Evening Chantilly-Sensuous Dessert is so rich…light and creamy with the goodness of fresh fruits. There is surely something wow about this dessert. It is sensuous and gorgeous looking goodness in a glass that no one can just stop but dream about it. Yes, that is the magic that is spelled. If there is … Read more

Sesame Cheese Sables | French Shortbread Cookies | Step-By-Step photos


A step-by-step process of How to make Sesame Cheese Sables will guide you in baking them accurately. The French word Sable means “sand”, which is the term French bakers use when the English use the term “breadcrumbs”, as you rub the cold butter, flour and sugar together at the start of the recipe to make a texture like breadcrumbs (or sand). Sablés … Read more