Vegan Bruschetta with Alfalfa Sprouts and Stir Fry Vegetables

These Vegan Bruschettas with Alfalfa sprouts and exotic stir fry vegetables are super healthy, gorgeous, and delicious. They are cooked with tons of vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, and broccoli along with nice aroma from oregano. Alfalfa sprouts added on top of it gives the perfect crunch to these bruschettas that acts as a cherry on the cake. … Read more

Empanadas with Cottage Cheese and Capsicum


These Empanadas are cute little hand pies or turnovers whatever you want to name it. The biscuity goodness of empanadas simply melts in your mouth. They are super versatile party appetizers that are delicious and come as a handy option. These scrumptious parcels are filled with savory capsicum and cottage cheese filling and are later baked in the oven till they … Read more

Smoky Tomato Garlic Hummus | Step-By-Step Recipe


This unique and delightful recipe of Hummus with a smokiness of Tomato and garlic simply tastes divine. The color of the hummus is just so impressive and inviting. Add to that, the infused smoke flavor takes it to a different level altogether. A dressing of some cold-pressed Virgin Olive Oil and some finely chopped garlic oil will make this dish called … Read more

Potato Cottage Cheese Croquettes / Aloo Paneer Croquettes


Potato and Cottage cheese is like a perfect match made in heaven. Let’s accept it, who on earth does not like these two ingredients. They always blend and compliment each other so well that they never fail to impress or lure us. These Potato Cottage cheese Croquettes or Aloo paneer Croquettes are simply an enticing and tempting appetizer. They are brown and … Read more

Vegan Green Godess Panini Sandwiches

Looking for a quick, nutritious, and irresistible Vegan snack or meal option that gets cooked in a jiffy?? Then this recipe of Vegan Green Goddess Panini Sandwiches is for you and will surely satisfy your cravings. They are loaded with vegetables and greens and will keep you satiated for a longer time. Now let’s come back to … Read more

Eggless Whole wheat Banana pancakes | Banana Pancake Recipe

Eggless wholewheat Banana Pancake

These Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes or Banan Pancakes are fluffy, soft, sweet, healthy, and delicious.  My American Breakfast recipe makes for a perfect breakfast and is so easy to whip up. The batter requires few ingredients and is any day better than the readily make packets.  I always prefer to use whole grains over the processed one … Read more

Dates Tart with Caramelized Pecan Nuts


These Dates Tart with Caramelized Pecan Nuts is sinfully delicious and totally indulgent. It’s one of the stunning desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The amalgamation of chocolate and caramel in this tart will surely please your taste buds. This tantalizing treat is a no-bake dessert, healthy, chocolatey, nutty, and a treat in itself. It is surely a crowd-pleaser. The base of … Read more