Saraswat Bhojan | 6 Saraswat Recipes

Saraswat Bhojan on my plate. Simplicity at its best. Goa’s Chitrapur Saraswat cuisine displays influences from the many regions the community has come to call home. Chitrapur Saraswats or “Amchis” as they are colloquially known, are a small sect of Konkani-speaking Brahmins. The community, often referred to as the offspring of Saraswati, the goddess of … Read more

Paneer Mix Vegetable


How to make Paneer mix vegetable This delicious dish consists of a mix of paneer, potatoes, carrots, capsicums, and onions simmered in mildly spiced and creamy gravy. It is very healthy as it includes so many vegetables and hence a very good option for kids and grown-ups alike. Its most commonly known as Paneer Mix … Read more

Amaranth and Buckwheat Flour Poori – Navratri Vrat / Fasting Recipes


These Gluten-free pooris are prepared from Amaranth (Rajgira) and Buckwheat (Kuttu) flour. They are perfect to feast on during Navratri, Vrat, or any religious Fasting days. It’s a healthy twist on our regular wheat flour pooris and tastes delicious too. Add mashed potato and freshly ground cumin and pepper powder in the dough to make … Read more

Sweet Potato and Peanut Poppers – Navratri Vrat | Fasting Food


These Sweet Potato and Peanut Poppers are just so perfect to break the stereotype Navratri Vrat menu.  They are an appetizing snack that is sweet, nutty, crispy, spicy, and delicious all the way. The Sweet Potato and Peanut Poppers combination lends a unique flavor and gives a nice twist to the usual Navratri fasting recipes. Navratri is in … Read more