Angoori Rasmalai

This Angoori Rasmalai is a creamy, soft, luscious, and delectable Indian Dessert.  This is made with chenna softballs and milk that is boiled until it has got flavors from cardamom and saffron. Since childhood, I am so so so find of Rasgoolas and Rasmalai and practically all the Bengali Sweets. We get the best of … Read more

Bread Rasmalai

Bread Ras Malai

This social distancing and isolation have got many of us donning the chef hats. Since all the restaurants, outlets, joints, cafes are shut during this lockdown, all options we have are home-cooked food.  Right now all we are looking for are recipes using limited ingredients that are usually present in our pantry. But once in … Read more

Kesar Peda Paratha / Sweet Paratha


This step-by-step pictorial recipe of Kesar Peda Paratha, Saffron Fudge Paratha, or Sweet Paratha is a sweet staple with an amazing variation. This is exactly all you need post-festive days when your kitchen pantry is filled with tons of Pedas, Halwas, and Burfis. This sweet paratha tastes delicious and with the little extra effort, you can utilize your leftover Pedas … Read more

Shahi Tukra – Classic Mughlai Delicacy

Shahi Tukra - Classic Mughlai Delicacy

Shahi Tukra as the name suggests literally means Royal dessert that has its roots in the Mughals cuisine. It is a rich, classic, creamy, and luscious dessert that you can plan to make for this Diwali. Shahi means Royal and Tukra means a piece of bread, so it literally means Shahi Tukra. Pieces of bread are fried till golden brown … Read more

Kesar Basundi | Saffron Condensed Milk

Kesar Basundi is a sweet and luscious traditional Indian sweet that is usually served in our Gujarati family during festivals and occasions. It is prepared by boiling milk and reducing it to half and sweetening it with sugar. The flavors are further enhanced with cardamom powder and nutmeg powder (optional). There are many variations to this sweet. This … Read more

12 Best Festive Indian Sweets

A collection of Best 12 Festive Indian Sweets that are delectable, sweet, earthy and absolute mouth-watering. These divine sweets collection are perfect for any festivals and can be easily made at home with minimum effort. They are bold with rustic and earthy flavours using the best of ingredients. So here is my attempt to bring … Read more